Artist Statement

“Thanks to art, the soul is returned to the agitated zone between life and death, and this agitation is its health and its life.” -Jean-Francois Leotard 
This project comes from a journey to reconnect with my Incan roots. As a Peruvian, born in Brooklyn and raised in Miami, I felt disconnected from my past. As I began to ask questions, I began to recognize an intense continuity between my life here in the present, and the generations of ancestors who built the foundation of culture and art that continues to inspire me.

My artwork is my interpretation of the Incan Gods and Goddesses of Mythology. The tree is representing two mythical characters, the earth goddess, Mama Pacha, and the death god, Supay. Mama Pacha offers her people the soil, growth and beauty of Machu Picchu. Supay stays in the underworld waiting to collect souls and puts them to rest. My art work is also connected to the four elements of the earth, water, air and fire represented through animals. The animals are surrounded by gold symbolizing the Incan King Atahualpa. Atahualpa has been sacrificed to keep the gold safe.

In doing this research I have come to understand a little more about my ancestry. The exhibit is just the beginning of my journey to further my own understanding.
Programs: 3D LightWave and Photoshop

Life and Death | Earth Goddess: Mama Pacha | Death God: Supay
Element: Water | Animal: Fish
Element: Fire | Animal: Scorpion
Element: Air | Animal: Owl
Element: Earth | Animal: Llama
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